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What are some of the best Affiliate Marketing Websites? Affiliate Marketing 

What are some of the best Affiliate Marketing Websites?

Have you tried different affiliate marketing websites and programs but still do not find that which suits your needs? Well, I know how it hurts. Five years ago, it was my task to review sites in a bid to land on the best. Wait! Does the belief on best vs worst exist in the dynamic online marketing? Yes. If no, save your argument till we are done then revise your facts on that.

Quick look on Affiliate Marketing Websites

Sign up

Be it LukePeerFly or OneNetworkDirect, every site has a free sign up. Why free yet they have a loyal customer base that can pay sign up premiums? Ha-ha! A funny question! While they can charge the sign up process, they choose not to. Why? Such a fee will shock some newbies from being members. It is such newbies who tend to invest a lot during their fast activities.

Once you sign up, advert links and instant cookies are available to aid in tracking your activities.


A review on Adam Riemer Marketing will prove that site features matter a lot in any advertising endeavor. Does BlueHost too provide superb features for advertisers? Yes. Actually, to me, the presence of feature is normal. My question is, are these features functional? Adam Riemer stands out due to its easy to use feature whose functionality is way improved. Just like a professional advertiser, your commission and rates are set to increase.

Reporting features

Once you visit Charles Ngo’s blog, you will read of his blogging life. Present is a comprehensive chronicle of events till now. Hey, consider him an affiliate marketing icon to emulate. One thing that stands out in his blog is the coverage on reporting features. He explains of holding on to beneficial reporting tools while ditching those that hold you back. Reporting tools help you track advertising effectiveness for instance customer traffic.

Ease of use

ValueLeads and Revenue Wire are known to be easy to use. DC Fawcett once mentioned of settling for an easy to use site.  Being easy to use means that your navigation is smooth. Indeed, you will go through a quick manual that will train you on the services and tools. Such ease will give you the exposure that is essential to test its compatibility.

Common mistakes people make when choosing affiliate marketing websites

Like any other business, people make mistakes when making the first move into doing something. Below are common mistakes advertisers make when choosing an affiliate marketing website

  1. Rash for money

Now you are thinking about your budget. Stop worrying but many people calculate the money they expect to earn. Actually Zac Johnson wrote about ditching your selling plans for helping others.

  1. Too many sites

It is common to hear of people who sign up at various sites. Are you the type? I mean, you own an account at FlexOffers another at Affiliate Window while still stuck at the sign up process at EBay Partner Network.

Still stuck? I guess not.


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