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Some top Affiliate Marketing Companies Affiliate Marketing 

Some top Affiliate Marketing Companies

Ever heard of myths and misconceptions about affiliate marketing companies? Yes, I guess. If not, get it right that many myths and false information exist concerning these companies. Actually, after reading the myths, you will reach an understanding that many people are still stuck in the hear-say world. In a bid to shed some light to you, below are three top myths.

Affiliate marketing is easy

Hey! Whoever said that was definitely doing comedy or pulling a prank that went wrong. Affiliate marketing is not an easy job. Results released by Three Ladders Marketing reveal that only 0.6% of all affiliate marketing companies has stayed afloat since establishment. Shocked? I guess yes. While you thought it is easy to run such a company, it takes a lot of time and resilience to make money with them.

Why so?

  • Such companies have to constitute the right partners
  • Efficient technology should be present to support their activities
  • Need for regular updating

Affiliate marketing is lucrative with little expenses

To stay afloat, there is always an urge to improve. Actually, a company has to stay in line with their set goals and original mission statements. To do this, a company has to find many affiliates who know their audiences for an increased business comfort.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that is past

While search engines such as google are improving their SEO algorithms, link building is still a thing to look out for in a hunt for cash.

After knowing the above myths, it is essential to understand how these affiliate marketing companies operate. Just like Sugaree operates under the stewardship of Rae Hoffman, every other company does. The only difference is the slight technicality. Below are top tasks that these companies perform on a daily basis.

–           Press release distribution

–           Search Engine Optimization

–           Content Marketing

–           Reputation Management

–           Rank checking using software

–           Link generation and removal

–           Site audit

While these are just the top tasks, there are more that gets done. Ever took a look at top affiliate marketing companies? Did you even know that Facebook is a customer to one of the sites? I know your eyebrows cocked in surprise but it is true. Below is a quick look at some companies’ facts.

VJG Interactive

Launched in 2006, VJG Interactive is home to over 200 active clients with an estimated value of 3 to 5 million dollars. Among its clients are Subway, Studio 8 and ACE Hardwork.

Experience Advertising

It was created in 2007 with over 150 active clients. Its estimated worth is between 4 to 6 million dollars. Among its customers is the popular company, The Nerds. Did you know that it has retained over 95% of its clients? Yes.

Intertwin Interactive

It was launched in 2006 as VJG Interactive. Its estimated worth is about 5 million dollars. Its top clients include ReStockIt and Brownells.

Broke Clay

It is among the oldest sites because it was launched in 1996. It is about 7 million dollars’ worth while Facebook, Century21 and are among its top clients.

Rise and be the next champ!


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