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Choose the right Affiliate Marketing Network Affiliate Marketing 

Choose the right Affiliate Marketing Network

Do you know how to choose the right affiliate marketing network? Can I be John Chow copycat? Before involving myself in affiliate marketing, people like John Chow thrilled me. You either do not know him or his tidbits. In a nutshell, he is the owner of TTZ media that hosts johnchow site which receives a whopping 200, 000 visitors daily! Ok, save your anticipation for Rae Hoffman of Sugaree and Mark Ling of Affiliorama. Let us have a close view on Affiliate Marketing Network.

In-depth description

Hey! Do you know how the technicality of these networks work? I guess yes because you have read of amazon. Though you know of some networks, you are likely to be conversant with one niche. Niche? Now you get the technical point. There are three players in this industry – owner of content, affiliate network and customer. For the content owner, it may be content with links to product or services that customers are looking for. For instance, AvantLink and ClickBank will monetize your blog or site enabling an established program that lets you get in touch with customers. However, it is not a walk in the park. You should choose the best affiliate programs that need little effort to make more money. What of shouting Bingo Bingo when checking your payment report? Yeah, it is everyone’s wish but think of enriching your content to meet a targeted network first.

How it works

It is time to change terms a little bit. Drop Affiliate Marketing Networks for performance marketing. What Shawn Collins and Ian Fernando will not tell you is that, there are options when it comes to networks. Sites such as GeekCask and Ianfernando respectively receive a whooping number of daily visitors. Why say this? Let me break it down.

Top gurus choose wisely between in-house affiliate programs and the normal shared one. For the first, you run your own business within your blog or site while the latter, you sign up as a client or advertiser on someone’s network. In both, there are different modes to choose from as listed below

  • Cost Per Action – Deals with targeted actions like downloads
  • Cost Per Lead – Deals with email conversations
  • Cost Per Sale – Deals with actual sales made
  • Cost Per Client – Deals with customer traffic referred by the link

Three Affiliate Marketing Networks to emulate

There are more than a thousand networks active on a daily basis. Actually, nearly 100 of them are known globally due to the different services they offer. However, these three are unique in their operation that’s why they stand out. Eager to know who tops? Ok. Let us start with our third network.

Share a Sale

It is home for over 4000 affiliate programs. Among its top features include quick closure of dormant accounts, variety of affiliate programs and presence of real time tracking system.

Rakuten Linkshare

Hey! This is my own analysis based on my own factors. So if you thought Rakuten comes first, oops! Ok, Rakuten has a minimum payment of $50 while letting you enjoy quick reports.

CJ by conversant

Its unmatched pools of clients – nail it!!

All the best!!


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