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Great Affiliate Marketing for Dummies Advice Affiliate Marketing 

Great Affiliate Marketing for Dummies Advice

If Zan Johnson or Mathew Woodward of and mathewwoodward once called you a dummy, you would have smiled. Why? They are the sharks in the Affiliate world. Wow wow wow! Now hear me dummy, affiliate marketing is not a 100 meter dash. It is a journey that needs a map for a successful ending. Do you want your first marketing attempt to be a tragedy? No, it is obvious.

Guide on Affiliate Marketing for dummies

Everyone needs a boost in anything they do. You are then not considered otherwise. No demeanor but I guess you always dream of being the next Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome. Ok, have a look at the following guide, buddy.

Gain copywriting skills

Everyone can write but there is a difference between an amateur and professional content writer. Can writing become a profession? Wait a bit. Have you ever thought of the brains that craft your funny blogs? Now you get the point. Even top bloggers like Kristy Mccubbin were amateur copy writers too. So look forward to identifying your unique language pattern.

Understand the composition of marketing programs

Once you hear of niche, domain name, affiliate program and hosting among others, you get numb. How on earth do these things synchronize? Yeah, I understand the challenge. Before you raise a copy of Avangate, understand every feature.

Nurture your blogging and marketing skills

LinkConnector and AdMedia did not start at the garage like google. Why? It is time you be unique by mastering your art. Once you master it, understand every requirement and blend your skills to work everything out. Amazon can be a good place to test your skills but never quit once your skills prove not to work.

Value for energy channeled into your job

You anticipated for a value-for-money thing but no, it is now value for energy. Why this? Ok. Once you indulge into Affiliate Marketing as a dummy, chances are your energy will not reflect in your paycheck as you expect. TradeDoubler has a history of working more than they earned but it took time to be established.

What to look for in Affiliate Marketing Networks?

As a dummy, you may focus on the returns. It is normal so do not shy off from the harsh reality. It is either because you are not exposed to more information or you are ignorant. For the latter, you are indeed doomed! However, check below for things to look out for

  • Catalog of products – It should be massive enough to earn your interest
  • Service support – Support team should be well informed to help you navigate till you are a stable advertiser.
  • Reduced interaction with customers – A site should let your link do the marketing by displaying it to potential customers.

Being a dummy is normal, but remaining a dummy is fatal. If you are still among the Affiliate Marketing for Dummies, learn, practice and you will soon get most out of it.


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